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Restoring or refurbishing a Porsche has many meanings and has various expectations to each Porsche owner. A lick of paint some shiny new parts a good detailed clean will be enough for some. Others may want every nut and bolt replaced with every moving component removed, check replaced or restored.

Also every Porsche will vary depending on its condition some are just flat out worn to bits others just in need of a loving touch of TLC.

• Is it a rare Porsche?
• Does it have great valued history?
• Is it mainly sentimental value?
• How solid is the Chassis?
• What condition is the engine and gear box in?
• Full restoration or sections?
• How much budget to allow?
• Is the aim to have an original factory detail and finish?
• How far do you go and when is enough, enough?

As you can see many factors need to be considered before starting and taking on any project like this. At JZM Gulf we always take time to sit with the owner and enjoy many discussions trying to understand what the desired outcome should be. The owner’s expectations must be achieved so we scroll through many images and research all aspects of the build before any money has been spent. Only when we are all happy with what can and will be achieved and allowing for budget and time frames, we begin the project.

Restoration projects are very consuming but they are also very rewarding and satisfying. When they are done in the correct way all the worry and stress should not fall on the owner but on the builder. When the builder has vast experience they also enjoy the process in delivering satisfied expectations to the owners cherished Porsche.

Porsche 912

Full body chassis and interior restoration